Cape Coral Community Church




All the groups start by taking a tour of the local

market. This helps to understand the culture

just a little bit better.


Leo and Freddy are answering questions and

explaining local traditions.



Fear factor Peruvian Style....Here one of the

volunteers eats the "grub"



Leovina Perez, explains the purpose of the

organization's transitional

house in Belen




The group starts the food purchasing for the

poor families that we encourage and minister too.


 After the bagging and seperating of all the bulk

food. The group started visiting families that

have great need. The organization's philosophy

is to invest deaply in specific individuals,

specific families and specific communities. We

want to develope relationships that make a 





Here the group is praying with a family

(Leo translating) asking God's blessing

on this home.



Titanic without the boat....maybe?


The mother in this home is raising her

four children alone since her husband will be

incarcerated for then next twenty five years



The group is pairing and sizing shoes in

preparation of distributing them in a school for

special students



A huge "Thank You" to Westover Church, in

Greensboro, NC for bringing the shoes.



Leo and one of the students checking out the

new "rides"



Benji helping to find the perfect fit.

 I think this picture pretty much says it all!


This is Scott, showing the kids what NOT to do!


The group is getting the grid hung for the

ceiling in the new computer room.



Many hands make the work light.....right?



Aaron, the assistant director of POPPYS house,

with some group members and a local lady


The group fed kids that hang out on the

streets late at night. Nobody likes to go to bed





No matter how hungry they are, it is typical

for the kids to take food home to their brothers,

sisters, parents or grandparents.






Men at work?


Clapping to the music


rhythmic mosquito killing?