This is an enthusiastic group that came from Idaho, North Carolina, Georgia, Oregon, Washington and Bermuda!
We had a great time bringing Christmas to poor families, shopping with the girls in POPPYS house to fill their Christmas lists, building and setting the trusses on the second floor of our new library/study hall/computer center, giving random gifts to kids in Belen,  showing bible movies downtown to street kids and feeding them supper, and bringing Christmas baskets/bags to the people in the San Jose' Village 50 miles up the Amazon River.

We will try to select and post pictures that capture the essence of this group. There are stories-within-stories, about girls like Magaly, who came to us in the night. So, and be blessed in the same way this group blessed all those that they came in contact with this Christmas.


One of the first nights the group was here, we went to a birthday party in a small community.
Dan was a hit with the kids. They gathered around and tried their English as we waited for the party to start.
   Joyce, Tanya and Sandi re-connect with Isabel and baby Kendra. Last year when all three ladies were in Peru Kendra was only a few days old....Clay, in the background, inspects the second level of the new girls dorm.
 Above you can see Mike getting his first of many hugs from Anna Victoria. Mike and Tanya made a special connection last year with Anna and her sister Gabriela.
The group is getting ready to pack Christmas baskets. Judy and Nitsy write the packing list on the white board. Joey supervises this process.     
 Let the games begin. Adam with his back to us and his mom Maria fill gift bags.
Sandi and Tanya count ingredients and Edwige, one of our sponsored students opens boxes.
   Judy and Monica take instructions from Dali. This is a little girl that showed up at our door a few days prior. See the article called "Magali" in the latest news section. (as soon as I write the story)
 Phil from Bermuda, is stuffing food baskets getting ready for the jungle Christmas program. His daughter Ashley takes a picture from behind.
   Joey was a hit with Dali (when she wanted him to be)
Below you see Monica, a professional beauty consultant from Bermuda, braiding Dali's hair. Below and to the left you see Magali, baby Magil and two year old Dali. They showed up on our doorstep in a time of need and they added a whole different dynamic to this group experience. We were blessed for having them here and with a little help their current crisis was managed.
 This is the "Round House" at our 500 acre jungle facility. It is 50' across and the peak of the roof is close to 40' off the ground.  It holds 25 tents and lots of people.

Sleeping in the jungle is like sleeping in the Nature Channel....there are some night noises that are regional and some that are world wide...ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz!!
 Every group visits the Bora tribe. They are demonstrating their cultural dances and at the end invite our visitors to join in.
   This is one of the trees on our jungle land that is used for canoe paddles. Dan, Judy and Joe Bruns pose in the roots.
 Paul is talking to the villagers about Christmas
and what it really means.
   The group passed out Christmas baskets to every family in the San Jose' Village.
Phil and Andrew carry a food baskets (bags) from the boat to the people.
 Andrew pouring hot chocolate for the traditional Christmas drink.

Below: the children from the village enjoying a nice hot cup of chocolate on a nice hot jungle day! Merry Christmas
   Ruth, Jessica, Rosanny and Nelsie waiting to go shopping for their new Christmas clothes.  We divided up the volunteers and each took a couple girls.....You think the US malls are a mad house this time of year. You have seen nothing until you do it here.
 Well..I guess in any country shopping is shopping and Tanya, Judy ad the other women had it fugured out pretty quick.
   We love to eat and our cook Betty spoils us at every meal. This was Christmas Eve.....Yes, at midnight!
                          Judy and Ermelinda
   Elvira ready for her Christmas bread. It is better than our fuitcake!