Denver, South Carolina and Washington

What a great bunch! Keep watching this spot and we will post the daily activities. This group has already worked on the pay ground complex at POPPYS house, played soccer and volley ball with our resident girls, fed hungry street children while providing some special kids with some necessities, delivered a wheel chair to a girl who had lost her mobility, took food to an 84-year-old women that lives alone, and during their free time they gave free medical care to 110 impoverished people in the community of Munich.

   Dinner is served....."The secret is in the salsa"
 This is Rocio. She is from one of the poor district in Munich where the group did their first medical clinic. POPP has assisted this family on several occasions with food and medicine. Rocio has a degenerative disease and has been in a wheel chair her whole life. She works in the front of her house selling candy and cookies to the people in her neighborhood. There are others in her family who are developmentally disabled and the family struggles to survive the financial hardship of these Dependants.
   Here are volunteers from Washington, Lisa and staff Nurse Camila, (Carlos in the middle) as they assist Rocio into a new chair. Paul Savage baby-sat this chair all the way from Carolina especially for Rocio. Her old one is rusted away, broken in places and not safe or functional.
This moment may be the definition of joy!
 Anne Savage and kids Paul and Catherine with Rocio. Anne got this wheel chair as a donation from a local nursing home in Carolina.
   Catherine demonstrates the correct toothbrushing technique to the patients as they go through the clinic process while Melisa and
Emily take a break.
Sharon and Carlos discuss some health issues with a local woman and her son.  
   We found this elderly lady in August when one of our volunteers sponsored a feeding program.
This day we found her at ten in the morning sitting in the doorway of her small "house" and asked her if there was any medical need that she had. She said she was health but hungry as there was no food in the house for quite some time. She is 84 and lives alone. Catching drying and selling her fish is less than a survival existence. I told her we would be back at noon with food and she said, "Right now I am happy, even if you are lying to me."
 Leovina, a POPP translator and the kids head down to the river to bring food to our elderly friend. They carried milk, rice, beans, lentils, sugar, salt, eggs, oil, tuna, hot cereal, potatoes and some soap and other necessities.  
   We had told her to wait until noon when we were able to come with the kids and food but we met her on the road with her empty bucket. She said she was hungry and was "Going on a search."

  She told the kids, Good-by and God bless you" many times. She had to hug everyone several times and we noticed that she hugged Adrian the most!
 Leovina has a soft spot for old people and has said she will get some classmates together to check on our "grandmother" and bring her some more necessities for Christmas.
   Joe the translator and Lisa, from Walla Walla Washington go over the perscription with a patient during this free medical clinic
 Adrian, a free lance photographer documents a large growth on the neck of a patient.
   Medical staff and translators colaberate over diagnosis.
 Above one of our sponsored girls from Belen has a serious motorcycle burn attended. The risk of infection is high.
   23,24,25,26,2........oh shoot!  I lost count again!
 Andrea, daughter of our staff nurse, is assisting in the make shift pharmacy. She is in her second year of Pharmacy school.