Flint, Michigan sends Faith Tabernacle Youth, to inspire Iquitos

Jeff Ryal returns to Iquitos with a group of dedicated young people. This group is truly willing to "do anything" that needs to be done, that will advance the cause of Christ in Iquitos. So far that has been a wide variety of things....

Follow along each day as we catch up on the activities of ministry that Jeff and the gang are involved in.
The list looks something like this:

Finishing the food storage rooms in the headquarters building
Sanding and varnishing the doors of the guestrooms
Decorating and attending the very important 15th birthday of a POPPYS house girl
Drilling a water well (by hand) at the crisis center
Playing volley ball with the crisis center girls
Taking a day on the river boat just to spend time with POPPYS girls (and see a lot of monkeys)
Worship service for a 150 member youth group (yes, Jeff preached)
We will get these pictures posted ASAP

Still to come:
Taking lunch to the residence of the local mental health hospital
A visiting "play date" with the children of a special needs school
Two days and a night in the jungle (we hardly ever lose anyone)