Welcome Florida Hospital Waterman Group!!!



    Florida Hospital arrives in the Iquitos Airport
New places, new sights!
   Arriving at Belen Market
 Paul gives the group a little history lesson about the health conditions of the meat market
   In the Amazonian medicine shoppe. Some of the most powerful natural medicine on earth AND some of the longest spun folklore you would ever care to hear.
 Stragglers beware. The vultures are waiting. after the day of selling is complete the vultures do the pre-cleaning before the garbage men arrive
   The descent into Belen.
Can you find the hidden Florida Hospital group member??  
   A wild ride back.
 Will we make it?? Debatable!  

 Holding Sucia, the baby of POPPYS House.
   Starting work on the kitchen facilities at POPPYS House.
 Vacation Bible School in San Pablo de Luz.  
   Puppet time at VBS!!!
   The group engages in stretching exercises to start out the day.
 Stretch those calves!!!!!  
   The translaters join in the fun.
 The roof of the new chicken house out at Santa Tomas continues to evolve.  
   The shelves in the new kitchen facilities are coming along nicely.
 Time for a lunch break!  
   Setting up for Vacation Bible School
 Attentive little faces  
   A blur of activity!!!!