Glendale Academy March 2007





 After a long day of traveling, we finally arrived at Iquitos on Saturday, March 24.  Our first day was spent catching up on lost sleep, and spending the afternoon at a local church for their usual Youth program.  Sunday, was our first day of real work.  We had planned a week long Vacation Bible School, and the first day was very eye opening. 


A group of about twenty people went down to Belen, The worst slums of the area, where we taught the enthusiastic children about David and Goliath, sang songs, did a craft project and literally "rocked" the church that is built on stilts to avoid the spring floods. 


 Afterward, some of our students played a great game of authentic Peruvian soccer against some of the locals. A man in the crowd who was watching the game, asked our interpreters why we would come to this part of the city to play with a bunch of drunks and thieves. Our bible worker told him, "that is what we are here for."


 Back at headquarters, we did a little maintenance by digging trenches to build the base for the shipping container that just arrived and scraping old paint off some walls that desperately need painting.


The next day, we went to the small town of San Pablo DE la Luz.  We did both medical work and Vacation Bible School for the poor but happy people of this community. We saw a lot of upper respiratory infections, fever, diarrhea, infections, lice, scabies and female infections just to name a few.


 On Tuesday, we went to a small school where Johanna White and the People of Peru Project dentists worked on the children's teeth, and did a learning activity about good oral hygiene. The organizations nurses gave health evaluations, treated some very poor sick kids and the students did a program for about 80 children including crafts, stories and songs. 


That's it for now. Tomorrow we go 50 miles up the Amazon River to the People of Peru Projects agricultural land and the village they are working on. We will let you know how that goes. More later.


If someone from this group will send me a story about their jungle adventure I will post it. They are in Cuzco now and then headed for the US. Thanks team for a job well done. You impacted lives with your energy, smiles, love of soccer and willingness to mix it up with the local people. God bless as you continue to serve in your sphere of influence.  ~Paul