We had Jeff, Ana Marie, Big Tim, Little Tim, Adam, and Zach!!!

Early Saturday morning a six Person Group from Flint, Michigan came to Iquitos with lots of enthusiasm and huge hearts!!  They were so quick to help on any project we asked them to do. Thanks soo much for your help guys!! (and girl) You were all a huge blessing to our organization and to the girls in POPPYS House.


Anna during the layover in Lima in the wee hours of the morning. 

 A pueblito ( small community) recently burned.  The government gave the people tents to live in while they rebuild their primitive houses.

The needs were great but POPP and other local organizations played  a significant role in restoring life back toward normal.

Our small and efficient group helped to distribute clothes to the families that were victims of the fires.  




 This picture was taken before the residents of the community realized we were there.





 This picture was after the community realized we were there distributing clothes.  Thank goodness for our crowd control guys Adam, Little Tim and Jeff.  :)




 The mothers would tell us what they needed and we searched our supply until we found something that worked.







 Little Tim passed out some religious reading material at the site. Distributing hope is a part of everything we do.





Resting back at home after spending all morning under the Peruvian sun.



 How many volunteers can you fit in a Cargo Cart?


Depends on the size of the volunteers!

These volunteers loved feeding the street kids
late at night...







Here are some of the children lined up and waiting for a hot meal! 

Martha (Paul and Sandi's daughter) and Jeff (the leader of the Michigan group)





 The next day they fixed screens to keep the bugs out of the guest rooms. 







 One kid from the streets...a lot of volunteers

 When you meet these kids, you have a buddy for life...ask Tim!












Jeff is a carpenter and we put him and a couple of his group members to work on our new boat. They made huge progress on the upper deck.










 Santo Tomas.  Keep checking The Latest News to see more pictures on the progress of this construction project!



 These guys were punching a hole in the wall for the drain pipe of our new laundry room at the girls facility. They also prepped the ground for the cement floor (which is now finished)

Was it one supervisor and two workers or two supervisors and one worker?

This crew built a temporary fence around the construction site to keep the kids out of harms way! 


The Peruvians think the volunteers are crazy! They asked:

 Q.  Why do the Gringos work in the rain and stop when the sun comes out.

A.  It has something to do with heat stroke!




 Happy Valentine's Day!!  The church that the girls of POPPY'S House attend had a Valentine's Day Banquet.  It took some bolstering of courage but some of the girls asked these handsome guys to be their escorts to the party. It was a great time.

Thanks guys for showing our girls what real  Christian gentlemen are like.


Some of the lovely couples were even color coordinated.



Martha! Your dad is watching pretty close...you too Tim! 








We miss you already!!



Angel, Sarita and Ann Victoria