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Around 8 o´clock this morning we arrived in Iquitos, Peru along with a group of faculty members, students, and parents from Madison Academy. After breakfast, a restful nap, and delicious lunch we headed off to the Belen market. The market was unlike anything we have ever seen. Piranhas, yuccas, and snake skins were for sale on the garbage strewn streets. Children ran barefoot through the raw sewage, and made me feel guilty that I had the pleasure of wearing shoes. We saw how people less fortunate than ourselves live, and it made us realize how spoiled we Americans can be sometimes. After we were done looking around we took a moped-taxi back to the People of Peru Project building. It was a very religious experience since I felt it was necessary to pray whenever it looked like we were about to have a wreck which was about every sixty seconds. However, it was still a great and thrilling experience that I will cherish. I look forward to seeing how God will change and use all of us on this amazing trip.

God Bless,

Jennifer White

Madison Academy

Madison Global Mission 2007

Kids church and more kids!

 Hi to everybody back at home..... I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be here with this group. Though I may not be a student at Madison anymore, I am ecstatic to be sharing this experience here in Iquitos, Peru. Right now, it's about 1 o'clock. I feel like we have already had a full day. We got up this morning for a delicious breakfast of fruit and oatmeal and then headed out to share a Sabbath service with the community of Santa Clara. We walked around the neighborhood, inviting the children to come to our Sabbath School. We sang songs and told Bible stories. Afterwards, we all sang "Lord I Lift Your Name on High" as a group and then my friends Kelly, Pamela, and I led out in a Spanish song service for the church. Pastor Angel preached an inspiring sermon (in Spanish), that was a blessing to everyone. As we are beginning to share the message with the people of Peru this week, I pray that you would continue to keep us all in your prayers, that we may truly be able to turn our eyes upon Jesus!!

God Bless,

Sarah Hamm 

Hola amigos en el U.S! We are very tired tonight but for the fourth day in a row there are no complaints and everyone is very willing and happy to be here. Today is Monday and it is our second day working, we have acomplished alot in my opinion. Yesterday the sun was quite strong and today is was quite humid but both days the heat is very intense. I'm not sure we have ever sweat so much! We are really enjoying ourselves quite alot despite all the uncomforts. Last night we brushed shoulders with Monterey Bay Academy while celebrating the V.P. Julio's birthday. The singing, food and birthday celebrations were very Peruvian! The food here is so delicious in my opinion, some people don't think so highly of it but for me it has made my body feel very healthy and energetic! The staff here works very hard to make us comfortable here, it is quite impressive to see the teamwork and willingness they posses. I do not know what we would without the translators, we have a few Spanish speakers in our group, a few people who can barely communicate and alot who speak nothing at all so we are greatly indebted to them for helping us not only get around but also helping at the Vacation Bible Schools we have put on for the children here. Ah, VBS, it is by far the highlight of the trip for me as well as some of my friends. The children here are absolutely precious beyond belief! Some of them I am so impressed with that I would be willing to try to smuggle them back home with me. Tomorrow we are hosting a VBS at a small Adventist church in the poorest part of Iquitos, Belen. That is, if the Amazon River has not risen so far we cannot acess the church. This shall turn out to be quite an adventure and I am sure you will hear about that later. For now hasta luego, estamos muy bien!

May Christ be with you as well as here with us in the Amazon!   ~Staria Clark

Madison headed for the jungle this morning here are some pre-departure pictures.

We will let you know who survived in a few days!


Madison Academy Jungle Trip

We spent last two nights in the jungle in tents. On the way there we toured the Amazon. We also got to stop and trade with the Bora tribe for souvenirs. They performed a couple of dances for us and some of us got up and danced with them. The people there at the Bora tribe were not dressed very modest. The women’s shirts were basically necklaces that barely covered them. Even so it was a very neat experience.

The boat going to the jungle was very cramped but the scenery made it worth it.  When we got there after supper, we went to bed pretty early so that we could get protection from the mosquitoes in our tents. The jungle was very beautiful. We were there on a porch like structure about nine feet off the ground with a thatched roof over our heads. We basically slept above the river. We wore boots to get around in the mud from the rising water levels and the stairs were slippery. I fell down them and bruised my arm and thigh.

In the morning we put on a vacation bible school for the children in the jungle village. There were about twenty kids there.  The children loved it when we blew bubbles and played with our squirt guns with them. It was really fun. During VBS we told a stories, sang songs and colored pictures with them. They all got prizes.

We asked a mother what the name of her baby was and she said that it wasn’t old enough to name. It was 13 days old and they name them when they are 2 or 3 months old. They do this after they see if the baby will survive.

 After the vacation bible school, we came back by boat to the main base camp. On the way back I saw a dolphin jump and thankfully I was on the boat that we less cramped. The other group was on the cramped fast boat which had broken and they had to wait. Today was awesome and I don’t think it will be possible for us to forget our adventure in the jungle! We are jungle survivors!                                                         ~ Amy Joy Beard ~