Marolyn and Suzanne

These two friends from Kentucky brought a passion for healthy living and knowledge of natural remedies for many of the ailments of the local people. Suzanne's education in homeopathic treatments and dietary changes held people captive as she shared one-on-one and in group seminar settings.

The specific dietary changes that Suzanne recommended for Kevin, one of our crisis center babies, has made a dramatic change in his chronic health condition. This is the first time in Kevin's 14 months of life that he hasn't struggled with food/allergy symptoms.

A big thank you to Marolyn for the friendship and attention that you gave Candy, Martha and the other kids that enjoyed your company so much. Your enthusiasm was contagious and your willingness to help wherever possible did not go unnoticed.

Thank you so much ladies for your passion and unconditional love for the people you worked for.