This is Martin Green's Hand chosen group of incredible Young People
(and a couple older folks and one monkey)

They are the legacy of

Dustin's Greenhouse (click this link for the story)

These guys are awesome! They are so ambitious they have kept our staff to busy to upload pictures. OK, no more excuses. We will get caught up with the picture posting. This group has already toured the impoverished parts of town, challenged some locals to a great soccer game, painted the classrooms of a small struggling school and spent some quality time together getting to know each other and the staff of People of Peru Project....stay tuned this is going to be good!


The group, sacked out in the Lima Airport.
On the People of Peru Bus, on the way to the headquarters facility.
  Two volunteer groups overlapped by a day this year, so they mix for a friendly meal. 
 The group jumps in motorcars and heads to Plaza de Armas for a night on the town!!!  
  The plaza is a blur of sights and sounds. 
Locals and tourists alike come here to socialize and take in the sights.   
   Checking out some local art. This guy does some incredible pictures using spray paint in a can.
Posing by a local cathedral.   
  The next day, the group visits Belen Market, a hustle and bustle of all-day buying and selling activity.  Here are some walking cat fish. These things stay alive OUT of water for a long time so they have the ability to cross land masses to new lakes or rivers.
 This is in the meat section of the market. All the day's wares are spread out on the tile tables, and once a day the city comes through to sanitize everything. Then it begins anew the next day.  
  This is a large slab of...something. 
 A group member bonds with the newest member of the People of Peru Project team. This little fella went home with us.  
  This is a booth in the medicinal section of Belen. In this section resides some of the most powerful natural medicine known to mankind, as well as some of the most powerful wives tales. 
 The group prepares to paint a little private school in the area. This school charges a small tuition ($15) a month and is more affordable for the low-income families in the area who want a Christian education for their children.  
  The girls from POPPYS house, our crisis foster care center in Santo Tomas, join in the fun of helping others. They painted along with the globetrotters. This is Rosany!
The dust rains down as the group prepares the walls for the first coat of paint.   
  Scrape, scrape, scrape... 
 The POPPYS house girls enjoy playing with the new ShopVac, courtesy of the volunteer group. Spiderwebs are a perpetual problem out at their facility, and this generous gift will be much appreciated.  
 Romeo, the monkey, gets a little lunch, too.  
  One finished classroom !!!  Pretty nice for watery paint and not much prep! 
 The whole painting crew, which included the volunteer group, some of the teachers from the school, and some of the girls from POPPYS House.  
  I am not sure if they are happy to be finished or they breathed to many fumes??
 The group heads to the Jungle! Pictured here is some intense tribal dancing with the local Boras.  
  Falling in love with a local woolly monkey at the Serpentine Village, a local 'petting zoo'.  
 Cute and cuddly  
  Not so cute and cuddly!!! 
 Polly quiere una galleta? (Polly want a cracker?)  
  The group gathers around for a meal in the Jungle. 
 Our translaters get schooled in the fine intricacies of American football.  
Preparing building materials for a new community center in a remote jungle village.
Hard at work
Moving building materials
Photo op with the village.
The boat stops for a dip in the Amazon. There doesn't seem to be much swimming going on, perhaps the piranha are a bit nippy today.   
  And finally, the desire for cleanliness trumps all. 
The brave humanitarian goes hand-to-eye with the fierce Amazonian predator.   
  This would be all the more impressive if the head of the fierce alligator was attached to a body. 
 The group leaves a trail of bubbles and smiles in their wake.  
  After the jungle, the group invites the girls from POPPYS house out to dinner and presents them with special gifts they have brought.
Roasted chicken, rice, doesn't get any better than that.
One last group photo before the group heads to Cuzco in the morning.
Oooh, look! A native Cusconian! Quiz time- Is the native pictured a llama, or alpaca? I vote alpaca. 
Some local alpaca wool. Probably from the cousins of the native pictured in the previous picture.
Sleeping in a mud adobe hut, high in the Andes mountains. The night was cold..really cold!
Reportedly the longest night of someones life.
Harvesting beans.
Hauling the harvest in for storage.
Look, the sheep want to help, too!
Standing on the soaring terraces of Macchu Piccu.
The train that runs in between Macchu Piccu and Agua Caliente speeds by in a blur.
Enjoying the soothing waters of Agua Caliente.
At the beginning of the 4-day trek on the Inca trail. Ya, they look happy now!
The friendly neighborhood pack mules. This was the beginning of a six thousand foot decent to the river....which means on the way back we had to climb from three thousand feet back up to this point at nine thousand......(can't breath)
Why do you guys look so tired? It's not like you climbed switch-backed trails all day in extreme altitude.
At the pinnacle. This one moment in time is the reason for the whole grueling trek. We are in the sacred courtyard of the Inca hi priest. This is the newly discovered city of Choqequirau  
Here we were on the way back after leaving in the weee dark hours of the morning so we could climb this six thousand feet before it got too hot. We all made it Halleluuuuha!e
  Almost......there...... I think I can...I think I can....
This is Leo. She is a translator and student in Iquitos...(600 ft. elevation)
 Gettin' down in Cuzco.  
  And they all return as ghosts of their former selves. I like to call this picture "focused water bottle with blurry person"
The staff at a nice restaurant eating while the kids find the cheap places to stay within their budget.....hey we earned this!

One of the many court yards of the Libertador ***** Hotel
The group is spending some time with some children in Cusco.
This Sunday morning children's program started in a historic cathedral and finished on the landscape of this sacred site. Stories, songs and activities kept everyone's attention.
Group photo !!!
Handing out some clothes to nursing home residence in Lima. This was an amazing afternoon. The group prepared over 200 lunches from the food we brought. We visited, laughed and cried, danced and just spent some time loving people who have been left alone in this world. All of these people had to be at least 70 years old and have no family members alive who could care for them....

As we collect some of the best pictures from people in the group we will post them. This short photo essay only begins to capture a tiny bit of "what we did" it will never touch what we felt.