Christmas of 2010

What a Blessing these families have been

Scroll through the photos and let the pictures

do the talking!


Left to right: Dana Milholm daughters Devin & Darla, Jay McElroy and wife Stefanie, sons Kevin and Cody, Derek Milholm and father Dr. Joe

These families came from the Ooltewah, TN area and have been friends for years.





The group passing out food baskets to

Impoverished families, for Christmas


Jay and the boys playing Soccer in the jungle


The group providing hot chocolate and bread

in the slums of Belen. A Christmas tradition

Right: Hard to drink hot chocolate, carry bread

AND hold a baby


The kids kept coming!



A little hammock time on POPP's boat


Worship time at POPPYS house




Christmas Dinner at POPPYS





Kevin ringing the "door bell" at the

Borah Village


Stefanie Challenging the Borahs to war.

Darla...the kid magnet!



Candy speaks volumes



Vivian is the youngest resident of

POPPYS house.


The group delivering another food basket

to a family of our former residence

            of POPPYS house.


Benji (our dental student) enjoying the

Christmas Story.



Joe drives a hard bargain at the Borahs




NIce boots!

Jay looking for piranhas



Cody, Jay and Martha during a night swim

off the Amazon




Uncle Paul



Vivian's biggest fan!

Now that is a salad

These guys are more than awesome!

This is Breanna from Spokane and

Jessica from Southern University

A little volunteer dish washing

Marcos, sporting his newly handcrafted

                   flip flops

Devin, Ready to do SOMETHING!

Kevin, thinking of a new way to torture Derek





Let the painting begin



Some pre-clinic checkups by Dr. Joe



Dana stole Vivian from Leo and she

is delighted with herself.



Paul praying a Christmas blessing on another



Two chiefs?



Mother and daughter, striking a pose


POPPYS kids and staff, chowing down



Lamas mean we are now in Cusco



Nobody in this picture throwing up from the

altitude! That is a GOOD thing!


A little extra oxygen at these altitudes

never hurt a thing



Machu Picchu even makes Paul look good!



The McElroy family above Machu Picchu


The Milholm family also enjoying the seventh

wonder of the world



Somewhere over the

Rainbow (Above Agua Caliente)


This could very well be one of the

original residents of Machu Picchu

 Stefanie, having a Kodak moment



Right: Paul and his Godson, Brian


Below: two families from the Cusco area

that have benefited from POPP's economic

development projects