Memphis Junior Academy 

   Everyone arrived safe and sound and with all their luggage! Paul greets the first two guys from Memphis to come through the gate.
 After a short bus ride, they arrived at People of Peru Projects headquarters facility!  After an all night stay in the Lima airport, they had a quick meeting, ate breakfast and went straight to bed.   
  They started their tour through the Belen Marketplace at the front of a "department store".
Then the tour continued into the primitive market place.
 Marcos is pointing out the different spices and telling the group how they are used.  
   Above is a walk in refrigerator full of Paiche (a fish that grows 6-7 feet long) and Dorado (another huge fish), not to mention alligator tails for the BBQ.
 A few of the group members eating grubs with Marcos.  
  In the "Pharmacy" sectionn of the Belen Market is where they sell herbal remedies of every kind. Some of them are wonderful, like Dragon's Blood, for minor cuts, scrapes and bug bites. There is an equal amount of "folklore" for sale.
 Street-side barbershop.  You too can have a one dollar haircut!
   The Amazon is starting to flood the the streets of Belen. The water level can change as much as 30 feet a year. The contamination is horrific and causes a high majority of the health problems.
 Out at POPPY'S House for the first time!  
   Lisa and Brian striking a pose.
 The next day, everyone was put to work helping with various construction projects.  
   Jaci helping to move frogs so they don't get killed during the construction!
 Vicky and little Kevin!  
   The first day of Vacation Bible School! Joe found the only mud in the whole area and got the bus stuck in it.
 The children were soo happy to sing songs, watch skits, hear stories, and make crafts with the volunteers!  
   The crowd!
   Coloring pictures with the kids!
 An international soccer game!! Peru vs. Costa Rica! We won 3 to 1!  
   The stadium.
 After the game they went to the Plaza de Armas to pass out tickets for a free meal to the kids on the streets.  
   They also did a little bit of gymnastics and provided entertainment for the street kids and curious onlookers. !
 Then the kids started joining in on the gymnastics and showing the group things that they could do.
   The next day they played soccer with the girls out at POPPY'S House until it was time for the girls to go to school.

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