Mission Creek is Here Again!


We always look forward to this repeat group!

All the group members, but two, have been here before so they knew their way around right from the start.

We're glad to have them back again! 
 Doris, Paul's mom listens in on the welcome and orientation meeting.
   Mission Creek drew large crowds from day one at the Vacation Bible Schools.
   Our bus was "a little heavy" for the wooden bridge to the village, so the guys rebuilt it.

Below you can see the volunteers bagging up the BBS supplies for the evening children's program
   Belen is always an "eye opener"......the water level is up from the flooding of the Amazon River so the ground is covered with contaminated water. You have to wade, swim or canoe to the neighbor's house.

Below, the Belen Market

This is not "Fear  Factor" it is just one of our local friends eating a grub.....good protein and of course it tastes like chicken!
 This is Moses....the Lay Pastor of the little church that Mission Creek help to sponsor last year.
   Nick....doing a little friendship building in the community where we work.

Below, Adam is hanging the lights for the evening meeting.
 The audience LOVED Wayne's music. He blessed the group with his trumpet and guitar and vocal songs.
   Here Wayne and  Rachel listen while a little girl falls asleep in Rachel's arms.
 The "Eye Glasses Ministry" is such a huge blessing.....Many, Many people can now read and function better as a result of this simple and inexpensive help. Reading glasses changed the lives of dozens of people.
   More VBS activities 
 This is a local pastor and elder receiving some financial support for a church roof project.
   "The little twins".....their mother brought them to the meeting every night.
 Elvira enjoying the company of the Mission Creek Crew.