This isn't Just Any Creek....This is Mission Creek

They're here again. Trip number four and what a blessing they have been in the past. Mission Creek is a Private Christian school in Western Washington that is dedicated to the service of others. They accomplish this goal by incorporating Christ-centered, God-inspired moments into every interaction with the people they see on a day to day basis.

The beauty of Mission Creek's focus is that it fits hand-in-glove with the objectives of People of Peru Project. Mission Creek will once again serve the impoverished of this region through children's programs, eye glasses ministry, medical assistance, educational support, construction projects and social interaction with the girls of POPPYS house and surrounding communities.

Their vacation bible schools and adult meetings are designed to leave each participant with a better understanding of God's great love for mankind.

Follow along for the next three weeks and see a Daily photo essay of how God can use ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things.

Inside the Iquitos airport Mission Creek waits for their luggage. (we saw them before they saw us)
Here they come............
Here is Hal...This guy can preach!
 Yes, It was long flight and yes, I still have my jacket on.
 Leovina, People of Peru Projects administrative assistant and translator, is telling a local news reporter who Mission Creek School is, and what they will do in Iquitos.
 Johnathon and company check out the passing transportation. Just keep your arms in the windows, guys.
 Mary Nell, Principal of Mission Creek, Taking in the familiar surroundings.
 Gaylan is Just plain....happy to be here!
   If you think this is someone famous, you are right. Wayne has become a legend here in Iquitos. He is known for his guitar and trumpet playing, massage technique, willingness to help others to "get the job done" and especially for sharing his testimony of what Jesus means to him.
 Ellen...back again and ready to tell some children's stories
   Asia is the youngest member of this group. She came to keep an eye on her mom.
 Deb has once again left the responsibilities of her business to share her time and talent with the people in Peru.  
   Riley and Patrick....can't wait to get started.

 It was Riley who decided that Mission Creek was going to Peru again this year.
She said it!
She meant it!
God made it so!
 First time in Peru and loving it already! Welcome Ashley!
   See!.....Someone is faithfully watching her mom......parents can be tricky at times.
 No, this is not all that Alix brought for luggage. ready to face the hundreds of children who will be waiting each night at the church.
 This is the original dormitory, dining room and kitchen used by the first 14 girls of POPPYS house.
   Here are some of the Mission Creek Gang talking to some of our kids out side the New dormitory. What a blessing to have this facility and a big thanks to all the volunteers and ASI who made it happen over the last two years.
 Angel and Sara, checking out the new group from the upstairs dormitory balcony.
   Inside the new kitchen at POPPYS house, Mission Creek met our head Chef and two of our residents who were on "kitchen duty"
 When this youth pastor says that he has a monkey on his back...he is not kidding.
   Ashley finally gets the monkey away from Johnathon
 The future of the Mission Creek group is much brighter than the future for these chickens in  POPP's agriculture project......but for right now anyway, they are happy and healthy.  
   Mary Nell says, "hola"  to some of her friends from last year under the church shell that Mission creek helped to construct and roof through their financial support.
 These three wheeled motor cars are the mid-class transportation in Iquitos. They are faster than the bus but more expensive by far.
   These are alligator legs being sold in the meat market.....the rest of the beast was gone but just the feet were enough to get a reaction out of some of the group...right Riley?
 These "Walking Catfish" can stay out of the water for several days. They walk on their fins and have scales like an armadillo.
   Andrew, our business finance student from Walla Walla University, was a vegetarian when he arrived and he is for sure now. He keeps his distance from the table of various internal cow parts.  (hot day, no refrigeration)
The Amazon is a big river and it produces some big fish
Here is the "jungle pharmacy".   This area of the Belen Market has some of the most powerful natural medicines on earth and also some of the wildest folklore you have ever heard. The secret is to know the difference.
Ok, now it is time to go to work. The groups starts unpacking and organizing it's supplies for the children's programs, door to door visitation,  medical help and health education.
The separate the books and bibles and other materials for the series of bible meetings and Wayne writes in his journal to document this journey and how it fits into the bigger picture of his spiritual life.
Hal and Johnathon help carry in the lumber for their first building project.
Mary Nell and her friend Ernastine see each other for the first time in a year. This was a touching moment as seen in the next to photos.
It is a testimony to how two hearts can stay connected even when separated by continents

Debra and Ellen doing some record keeping and preparation for the children's part of the meetings.
As you can see this was a "Packed-out" house. This poor little school house was leaning so hard to the side we are a little nervous about the possible headlines. 
 People are lined up for the reading glasses. One gentleman had not been able to read of over 40 years. We gave him a wonderful little book called "Steps to Christ" and he was thrilled.
Here a lady is checking out her new specs while reading the book the Mission Creek gave to all the recipients
  This little lady told is that she had dreamed that a flock of white birds came out of the sky to see her.  She thought maybe that was us.
Wayne giving and Hal receiving a much coveted massage
Above and to the right: Children coloring pictures. It is a lot of fun for kids that can't afford pictures or books

  It was hard to get the kids out of the building after their meeting so the adults could start, but it happened and now the adults have their chance to listen to Pastor Hal
These guys came early to get a front row seat
Above: Mary Nell with Andrea, the recipient of the new house being built by the Mission Creek Gang. above right you can see the thatched, plastic tarp-ed, roof that spawned this project.  
 Above you can see Wayne and Bob (under the yellow head cover) tearing down the old house. This was an "Extreme home make-over"

To the right: Alix is selecting the next board for the second house project the group has taken on. It was a hot day with no rain. Dry ground but hot sweaty bodies.
  The girls are helping us "bail out" after a huge rain storm that flooded our eating area. It is also good practice for canoe paddling. 

Above you can see Bob posing by the new "officito" he built for Nitsy.

Right and below:

If everyone smiled this waythe world would be a better place

Hal and Jimmy at it again 
Every night...packed house! 

Two of our long term volunteers are working on the "back side" of Italo, our jungle facility watchman. Sandra is a nurse practitioner and Kevin is our social worker.

Eight days prior to coming into town Italo developed and abscess that needed to be lanced and drained OUCH! (It took Debra to hold him down)

 Patrick is doing some "food grinding ministry" This is hard work but with the encouragement (and admiration) of the cooks...he got it done!  
   This team went to the prison today, for the second time. We couldn't take pictures inside so we took a group picture of our stamped arms that let us into the facility. More importantly this stamp let us out!
Not everyone in Peru is short
Patrick keeping his fingers limber on the guitar donated by Memphis Jr. Academy
Ellen, showing her "Jailhouse Tattoo"
(it washes off eventually)
 The group took a little tour of Belen while it was flooded. This is usually from December to April....this year is no different.
 Here is a house in Belen that needs a bit of repair. The "floating" homes are built on balsa logs and change elevation along with the Amazon River...could be as much as 30'
Alix escorting Lye outside where he belongs...
one of the houses built by MC. It is almost finished at this point...what a vast improvement. Good job guys! Actually they changed the roof to new metal after this photo was taken
 This is not a photo opportunity. Ellen really is cutting the boards and Yes, the saw is plugged in!
 Wayne in one of the houses Mission Creek built, surrounded by some new little people....Hey, Asiah is in there too!
  This is one of the houses that was completely rebuilt by Mission Creek. It was down in the swamp land and quite the challenge.
 again! a packed house.  Don't forget that in addition to the three houses that were built, this group did children't meetings and an evangelistic series every night of the week.

  Mary Nell and Galen enjoy some guava. This is like eating cotton candy directly from the plant
 The Bora tribe made this group feel quite at home. As a matter of fact Mission Creek stayed in their village overnight and made some new freinds
  This is always a need to excercise!
 really....I don't know who is cuter
  Big Snake! Not a problem for Wayne
 Martha and some of the gang while working in the community
  scratch a little harder......aahhhhhhh perfect!
 Carlos (left) Mary Nell (center) new friend and baby and Sandra, our nurse practitioner, do a home visit that ends in prayer for some specific needs.
  Paul gives the tour of POPPYS house
Ok this is simply a kodak
This young woman is dear to hearts of Mission Creek. She was a reminder of the limitations we have as an organization and as frail humans. Below you will see the most important healing of all...that of the soul. This precious lady won't be with us for long but we look forward to an eternity to become better friends.
Debra, taking a well deserved rest. There is nothing like coming back to a quite empty air conditioned room .......that is exactly what I said. Here there is NOTHING like it.  
Here one of our super missionaries shows you the inside of a dorm room. Not to bad for a mission trip
Paul is not bald all the time!
This is the yearly "Three sisters reunion"  hey, here in Peru we bring people together.
 Jimmy (translator/bible worker and David, grounds, maintenance, construction.
They are smiling because they don't have to paddle the canoe
Some kids swimming in the sewage infested waters of Belen
New friendships were made, old ones rekindled, houses built, medical help given, children inspired, adults given hope, prisoners set free through the gospel, bibles donated, children sponsored in school, bible teachers hired, hearts touched, tears shed and God gets all the glory.

Thank you Mission Creek for being instruments and thank you Lord Jesus for letting us be a part of it all!