Mission Creek and Lewiston Church  

Mission Creek School and Lewiston Church

 April 2006

This group touched the lives of countless people in and around Iquitos. The construction oriented people built a house for a humble family that needed a hand. As friendships were formed with people in the community children's lives were changed with sponsorship into Christian schools and emergency assistance with food and medicine. The nurses and assistants in this group treated hundreds of people that came to our remote clinics for much needed help. A few days before leaving this group helped of an entire community that burned to the ground.  These volunteers brought, food, clothes, utensils, school uniforms and much more to poor people who had just lost everything.

The greatest gift that was given was the repeated message that in Jesus Christ there is a hope that will transcend all difficulty, pain and sorrow. Bibles were purchased, books were given and lives were changed.