Mt. Tabor Church & Friends

This group was lead by Lizzy Johnson, middle row pink patch, a three timer to People of Peru Project. Mt. Tabor Church in Western Washington sent us an enthusiastic group of "kid lovers' who fed street children, put on vacation bible schools and presented health talks to mothers.

Nate, Back row white shirt, is the recruiter for Canadian Union College and sister Rachel, Front row, Black tank top, is from the Portland area and considering a career in nursing. (You will make a great one Rachel)

Dr. Charles Mason von Henner, Back row second from the right and grandson Stephen, back row blue t-shirt, came from San Marco TX to bring medical expertise to the patients in the San Jose' village and the communities where we worked. Dr. Charles has a unique approach to wellness and it is revealed in his "10 commandments of good health."  This just might explain his 85 years of strength and vigor and not one cavity.

This was the lucky group that actually moved the girls into the first section of our crisis center. The post construction cleaning, setting up of beds rearranging furniture and hauling fill dirt was made easy by many hands. 

This group had some expert "baby sitters" who gladly gave the mothers a break to catch up on their work or play a little volley ball. Good job ladies!