This was a unique group with a unique mission. While our Corona California group was working and living in our headquarter facility in the city, New Day Church was camping at Camp Smiley, down the Amazon River, where their base camp was located.

The goal of this group was to drill wells for villages that didn't have them, provide medical and dental work for the impoverished in that region and bring the good news of the gospel to hundreds of people who need an eternal hope.

That is exactly what they did and the short photo essay that follows could never capture the passion, enthusiasm, empathy, love, sweat, sights, smells and sounds. Did I mention sweat? This group needed villages that were large enough to not be overwhelmed by 57 volunteers (plus People of Peru Project staff) they needed to be close enough to base camp for a return each night and they needed to have an inadequate water supply....that is what we looked for. That is what we found. That is where New Day served.