Northwest Nazarene University
Nampa, Idaho

What an awesome bunch! These guys came energized and ready to work. We are excited to see what God has in store for these volunteers. Watch this site and we will do our best to update it daily (except during the five days we are in the Jungle, on the Amazon River) Those pictures will come later providing we make it back to Iquitos.  Relax mom, that was just a joke!

Nothing like a TV interview to make you feel welcome!
This did not include the 8 trunks of "cargo" that they carried for People of Peru Project
 Julio, Our VP was collecting the money so we could change it into "Soles"
 The group toured Belen...the sums outside of Iquitos. Famous because the water level rises every year and floods the community with contaminated water.  The ride there in the
"motor car" is often way to memorable...
  Better would be, if this driver was watching the ROAD!

The dogs of plenty of menu items to choose from. Nobody pays any attention to the hundreds of strays, as they provide the valuable service of "trash compacting"
This is a dry street 9 months out of the year but now the taxis wait for passengers
with an absence of "day cares" or the money to pay someone, many parents raise their children at work.....the problem is that a high percentage of children become to helpful and never make the transition into school.


Back on the bus to POPPYS house
(People of Peru Project Youth Services house)

Brush up on those Spanish medical terms

Here is the dormitory of POPPYS house
The group checks out the dining hall of our girls crisis center (POPPYS house)
Our girls were busy doing their morning chores but we did have some sightings of happy girls and their babies
The team did a community assessment looking for health, economic, social and cultural trends that would help them to give medical care and "advice" that was actually doable.
This community is near a plywood mill and the residents use the scraps of veneer to cover the road that is flooded and muddy. Notice the roof level on the one story house in the background. The team is standing on temporary scaffolding in front of the second floor.

This community bordered the cemetery and along one side the bank had washed away and exposed the caskets.

Of course the children find you before you can find them
The group does their first medical clinic on the property of our future surgery center. This is the shell of a building that is there now. It will likely be our dental facility. NNU worked under plastic roofs and with no doors or windows but the students and faculty treated patients for six hours non-stop
People of Peru Project's Nurse, Camila, gives some instructions as they set up the one-day clinic.
   This is medical work mixed in some fun for the kids....Patch Adams (who comes here every year) would be proud!
 A little alone, reflective time, at the Zoo
 Off to the downtown area of Iquitos....after our first stop we noticed some "extra passengers"
OK, we knew they were with us and we were heading down the street a few blocks to feed some street kids.....these were just lucky enough to catch a ride...
Paul and the NNU group in the dining area, starting the day with a devotional thought and a few moments to focus on our goals for the day.
More pictures to come.....feeding the street kids, another day of medical clinics, dug out canoes in the slums of Belen

Feeding the Manatee at the Institute of Indiginous studies

Some of the girls getting a little after-lunch is wayyyyy hot!

Touring the floating village of Belen. Three months out of the year the area floods. Streets become rivers and soccer fields become lakes

A floating house in Belen built on Balsa Logs

The first stop on the trip into the jungle was at the Borah tribe. The volunteers got a lesson in Borah line dancing.

The wife of the Borah chief and NNU's chief in a good-by hug and prayer.

Elsa, Mr. Opp's special little friend follows the group to the boat to say good-by

Tamshyaco has an amazing bakery 30 miles up the Amazon River. The group stopped to buy sweet bread on the way to POPP's jungle facility

The water is about 30 feet higher than normal dry season levels. The group uses a jungle canoe to tour the area around the POPP's lodge facility. This is usually dry land.

flood stage water makes it easy to swim off of the lodge stairs....the water was cool and refreshing. Not seeing what you are swimming with is a bonus....

Here is a water turtle that the jungle workers caught for future soup.

Before the clinics were even announced the patients began to come. Here a baby with a dangerously high fever was being treated.
The hammocks are a favorite place in our jungle facility. Some of the students slept in them due to the mysterious absence of mosquitoes.

Here a little jungle girl shows the new dress given to her by the group....she really was happy but was serious for the photo!

There were some really special moments fifty miles up the Amazon....These two had a little Amazon bonding time

Sitting on the floor of a jungle home, just inches above flood stage waters, the group of volunteers respond to the needs of this elderly woman.

As the word spreads that medical attention was available, families paddled their dugout canoes to the house we worked out of. Behind this family you can see the width of the Amazon River in this spot.

Carlos was "supervising" the night swim....I don't remember if this was before or after they caught the alligator.

This "gator" may have been little but remember, where ever there is a baby there is a mother close by.
We had a birthday in the jungle. This bread and flashlight was the best we could do.....
This man was ultimately sent to the closest town that had a dentist. Some of the students donated funds to have a really bad tooth taken out.

Another fevered child...
Stickers are the universal language of love......
NNU finished their time in Iquitos with a BBQ to celebrate the new friendships and the work that was accomplished. They played Volley ball, soccer, swam, listened to the music of the local musicians and had a great time with the staff who worked so hard on their behalf.
The chickens were raised in the POPP chicken project....not quit range fed or organic but very healthy, fat and happy (well until the end)
These are the POPP cooks. We gave them the night off to enjoy some social time with NNU. These ladies fed us well. Gracias Senoras!

The work is finished in Iquitos. The lives that were touched were to many to number. We learned a lot about ourselves as we stepped out of our comfort zone and served each other.

Some found the intimacy of this culture easy to except and others had to overcome their own personal boundries to allow people into their personal space.

We gave our best and at the same time strive for a life that reflects more perfectly the model that we follow.

Thank you NNU, Cherie, Bob and all the supporters that made this happen. God has blessed your efforts and I know the seeds that were planted will produce much fruit.

Now on to Cusco.....This is the part where we play and enjoy the Andean Culture which is vastly different from the Jungle Indians of Northern Peru


Still to come.....Para Sailing, Bungee Jumping,
and Maccu Picchu.......

If someone from the group will send me some horseback riding picts I will post them