Richland Returns



   This is the little church where the Richland group is doing the meetings.
   This is what "hurry up and wait' looks like in Peru!..........Now, who was suppose to bring the key?
Kids, kids, kids.....
Some of the group engaged in a little street soccer.
Every group needs a "tech" guy
   See if you can identify the guy from Washington.
Ruby does the sermon...In Spanish!
Richard is preaching and doing a great job!
Even an experienced audio guy needs a little assistance
Sandi had her first Peruvian birthday after 10 years of leading this organization....It was happier than the picture shows  ;-)
Come to find out Vicente' had a birthday on the same day.
   These guys get really enthusiastic when we bust out the cake!
Richard shares a special moment with his new found friend.
   This is Jimmy. He works for POPP and translates the meetings (that are not in Spanish)
Every night the local church provides some special music for the meetings
   One of the local leaders helping with the instructions
   Michelle...lovin it!
 Here is Jimmy and his better 2/3rds.