Welcome Tri-Cities Group!

In the airport.
Packed into the People of Peru Project bus.   
Multiple flights and a mound of luggage later, they finally arrive at the headquarter facility...
This is one of the triplex dormitories at the headquarter facility where the group is staying.
This is the open courtyard portion of our headquarter facility. It leads right into the dining area on the right.
A blur of activity, the group gets in motorcars and heads down to tour the Belen Market. All of our groups experience the thrill of the ride and the sights, sounds, and smells of the open market.
Ready to enter Belen. The group waits for the last motor cars to arrive
  The group visits the meat market.  We now have more vegetarians in the group!
This guy seems to be missing his...what is it? Oh yeah...Skin.
 Listening intently to Marcos explain the uses of the local natural herbs and jungle remedies.
  Examining native wares in the busy market. Everyone is selling something.

Below pastor Ron thanks two security  officers that  escorted the group through the Belen area.
  Peruvian spice rack.
Peruvian medicine cabinet.

Paiche- A large amazonian fish.
 Holding a baby giant anteater.  
  These baby chicks are part of the chicken business located out at POPPYS house, our youth services center.
 This local toad poses for his premier photo shoot.  
Will he turn into a Peruvian Prince?
  Rescued baby owls at POPPYS house. 
Bonding with one of the tiny residents of POPPYS house.
 Working on the upper floor of the new building, bending wires for concrete forms.  
  Hard at work. 
 Hard at rest!  
  Preparing the ground. 
 The first speaker for the VBS program. What a blessing!  
  Leading out the singing... 
VBS is full of activities!!   
A sea of tiny windmills, one of the crafts for the children´s VBS program. 
A field of giant flowers.
A jungle of little arms.
One of the skits put on by the group.
Children´s outdoor Sabbath School Program at one of the local churches.
Leading out the children´s songs.
Spending some time in the Plaza de Armas in downtown Iquitos.
Interacting with one of the ´Living Statues´ in the Plaza...creepy!
This is the swimming area at the Zoo, where the group spent the day admiring the local fauna and flora, and refreshing themselves in the somewhat cool water.
Stroking a pink dolphin
A feeding Ocelot.
Monkey in a cage.
Tourists in a cage!!
The plants are attacking!!!!
Smile for the camera!!!
  We love Peru!!!