Shenandoah Valley Academy comes to Iquitos


Several days before the group arrives the cooks begin preparing. This morning they made home made gluten...a lot of work but really good!
 We will wash and shine your grapes for you but if you want them pealed you have to do that yourself...we will have fresh fruit and fruit juice every meal.

                  Now the work begins
 Welcome to Iquitos. It is a nice cool day



   They are here...doing great! Keep watching and pray that God will bless all our efforts
Check this out! This group brought more medacine than any group we have ever hosted  

 Here is Camila, our director of medical services. Needless to say she is pleased with the medicine that was donated



 SVA also brought a mountain of clothes for our girls in the crisis center (POPPYS house) and other impoverished families.

 Then it was off to Belen...The flooded slums of Iquitos. These three wheeled motor cars are taxi's in this city, and there are thousands.
   This afternoon we rescued a house  that is loosing the back yard to erosion. This project called for the filling of 200 sand bags with a heavy clay dirt to firm up the soft slope.

First, however, we had to fix the road leading to the house.

 Now, the filling of the bags..........
  Time for a rest....
 This children's programs begin
This is Martha, Paul and Sandi's daughter. With a little girl from the community where SVA is doing children's programs. This little girl is a deaf-mute and communicates quite well with sign language and facial gestures.





 In just one moment you can become special. Our hope is that each volunteer plants a seed of hope in the heart of one child.

They might inspire the next leader of the free world or someone who will be the catalyst for cultural change. They might be the first example of a gentleman or Christian teenage girl, that these kids have ever met.
 This is not really how  we house our kids....Kevin and Kendra were house shopping in the cabinets of the dining room.