South Central Conference


This little group was overcoming obstacles before they ever arrived. Two members never got off the ground in Knoxville on the day of the original itinerary.

The other four forged ahead but now the catch up day is finished and the work has begun. Watch this page and pray for the group as they: Work on a house for a soon coming volunteer family, purchase and deliver much needed food to impoverished families, drill a well at the surgery center and just bless people in general!

Thats right! You better rest now because the work

is getting ready to start!

Water water water and more water it is super

important in this hot climate



These ladies are admiring a floor that is now

free from derbis


I love it when a superintendant and two

principals can set the pace on the job.



We moved broken rocks and bricks

from where we didn't need them, to where

we needed them














Christopher along with Candy Opp and Elvira,

POPP's OB/GYN student.


Trebor made a friend with Angel right from

very start

 Christopher was feeding some street kids

when this little one fell asleep on his lap!



Sandi Opp (photo by Angel)


Candy Opp (photo by Angel)




This was the food purchase for the poor families that South Central

was getting ready to BLESS!



All the food and house hold items were

seperated and bagged












The group spent a few hours at POPPYS house taking the

tour and playing some football!








This is one of the two new stoves donated by

Dr. Peshka from Holland, Michigan. Thanks Dan the

cooks love it!
















POPPYS house play ground, dormitory, kitchen

study hall and dining room




Paul and Sandi Opp with one of the "street kids" in her

grandmothers home.


The house we were going to deliver the food to was in the flood

zone, so the kids had to come and get the food. Nobody from our

group wanted to balance on the floating logs





Notice the four of the eight security guards walking with our group.




An old lady was digging through POPP's garbage looking

for something to eat, so the group sent her home

with a bag of real food!





This mom and her kids live in this house alone.

Dad is gone for another 23 years. The kids can't

go to school because they don't have

shoes, or books



















Guess which one of the four is the teacher?







Now guess who is the teacher!