We Had a Group From Southern University!


 They arrived at the airport in Iquitos at 6am and were picked up by Paul in the bus.  No worries!  They arrived safe and sound.
 Shortly after a meeting and breakfast, they were sent to bed after missing the equivalent of 2 nights of sleep.  
  Above: April and Paul 
To the right: Everyone coming back to the dining room after looking at their living quarters.   
   After getting a nap and another meal, they were on their way to the Belen Market.  This is an open air market that supplies the meat, fruit and vegetables for most of Iquitos.
In front of the Peruvian equivalent of Nordstrom's or any other large department stores. This is also near one of the entrances of the Belen Market.  
  Our translators are in the navy blue polos and are accompanying the group. 
 Above are some of the kids that commonly hang out in the marketplace.  Sometimes they are accompanying their parents at the vendor stands, other times they are on their own.  To the right is Marcos, one of our translators, eating a grub.  
  This is the "Jungle Passage" where they sell all the natural herbs of the jungle.  You can get some good items like Dragon's Blood, which they use to seal up bug bites to help it heal faster.  But be careful!  They will try to sell you something that can cure asthma, cancer and make your hair look nicer all in one bottle. 
 This is a location in Belen that is closer to the residential areas.  During the rainy season, a large portion of this area floods, and that is the reason that houses are built either on stilts or Balsa Wood.  
   Some of kids of the neighborhood.  The children love being photographed and seeing the pictures on the back of the digital cameras.
 On the picture below, you can see the water beginning to flood the streets on the right hand corner of the picture.  
   In the evening, the whole group took the maiden voyage out to POPPY'S House in Santo Tomas to have worship with the children there.
 The couple in the picture below and to the right are the director's of POPPY'S House.  They arrived in February and are planning on staying for the next two years.  After ten days, Kristin and Tanner will be joining them for around six months as well.  Thanks for all your hard work you guys!  
   The little monkey is a squirrel monkey and can be bought in the Belen Market.  This one's name is Schmee and is the child of Lisa and Casey.
 A little more bonding with the children and the monkey.  
  The girls love hearing songs in English and singing songs as well.  A few of the group members played guitar as the rest sang songs for evening worship. 
 Our brand new boat was taken out for the first time with everyone in tow to a jungle village off the Amazon.  

Hey Paul and Staff -  Just wanted to say THANKS again for the WONDERFUL opportunity to share a little of my time working in your country as a nurse.  What a wonderful group to work with and well organized.   My work is piled up now, here at home and I wish I could just quit and do mission work – but must work to pay for my mission trips.    I'd give this trip a 10. Great experience! – lots of laughs – great new friends!!!  Please keep in touch – again THANKS – Love to ALL.

April Tracy RN BSN ICP

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