It was a long trip for this eager group. The all day and all night itinerary was made even longer by the canceled flight from Lima to Iquitos, requiring an additional 12 hours in the Lima airport.
We are glad you are here guys. We are looking forward to good things.
Some downtime in the airport.
 So sleepy!!!  
  ...except for these two. 
 On the People of Peru Project bus, being hauled to the headquarter facility. Finally!  
  Eating a late supper at the facility. 
 This is part of the volunteer housing out back of the facility.  
  The group piles in motorcars the next morning to check out the local Belen Market. What a ride!! 
 The group waits on the outskirts of Belen to enter the chaos.  
  Peruvian fruit stand. 
 This is Chicha Morada, purple corn. It is used to make a delicious beverage.  
  The group walks through the narrow, cramped aisles. 
One of our translators tackles a fierce river creature missing it's head and prepared for cooking.   
  This is the jungle medicine aisle. Here resides some of the most powerful medicine and hugest wivestales in the world. 
 I think the meat market made vegetarians of some of the group members.  
  The group lingers in the meat market, along with stray dogs and children. 
 Jimmy elaborates on the benefits of this Cocona, a tart jungle fruit.
 The rain pours in Belen market today.  
  The group dodges raindrops as it heads back to the headquarter facility in motorcars. 
 The group leads out enthusiastically in the first children's meeting.  
  It's a full house tonight!!! 
The group members show off hidden talents they didn't even know they had.   
  This little niña is enjoying the show. 
 Gathering outside for some games.  
   Line Up!!!!
 The group heads down to the riverboat for an overnight jungle expedition!