Susana is one in a million. There has never been a group here who didn't make special mention of Susana. She came to us three years ago in dire need of financial assistance.  She had performed heroically before our meeting by taking care of her aging parents and putting herself through school up to that point but the support that she did have had stopped, and it was impossible for her to finish her last two years of University studies. The space available is not adequate to describe Susana.

After her move into our headquarter facility our lives were not the same. Susana showed up whenever anyone needed help. She would clear your dirty dishes out from under you before you had time to protest. She fed the animals, assisted the purchasing people, delivered food to the volunteers, sorted donations, cleaned, cooked, made up rooms before and after groups, tutored our students and spent hours reasoning with troubled kids.

You did need to be careful with Susanna. She would work all day helping other people do their work, then burn the midnight oil to finish her homework. She would walk to the University rather than ask for motor car money and stay home from a Saturday night activity so someone else could go or not have to stay home alone.

I said it many times, "If you have never seen an Angel in person, and you have met Susanna.........Now you know an angel."

Susanna, teacher, helper, lover of people, inspiration to the masses and daughter of People of Peru Project.