This group from Walla Walla brought a fantastic blend of building buildings and serving people. 
This construction team came pumped and primed and ready to work. They laid block from sunrise until the heat of the day when they were suppose to quit. Often times they still drug in close to supper time hot, tired, sunburned and happy.   The non-builders in the group spent their time doing children's programs in poor communities including a Christmas program in the remote jungle village near our facility, 50 miles up the Amazon River. The medical programs served over 200 people and the "moms" in the group helped with the preparations for Christmas for our girls in the crisis center. These moms  took our girls into the city to buy each of them the things on their Christmas lists like much needed clothes and personal items. It was the first time that many of our girls had ever been away from their families over the holidays. It was nice to have each of them identify with a volunteer family who provided the extra love and personal attention that every child wants. Thanks Walla Walla for spending this special time with us. Below are some pictures of the group in Action!