Washington State University Returns

They are here, and tired after traveling for 28 hours. They are excited and ready to work!

This is year number six that People Of Peru Project (POPP) and WSU have joined forces to:

                                   *   Bring medical assistance to hundreds of impoverished Peruvians

                                   *   Improve  the professionalism of People of Peru Project's medical programs

                                   *   Give WSU students a hands-on experience and unfiltered exposure to global health issues.


This would be a "night in the airport"

Arriving at the People of Peru Project



How much of a welcome can your

really remember after 28 hours

of no sleep?


POPPYS house (People of Peru Project

Youth Services house)


A quick history and overview of the

girls facility



Football (soccer) with the students, girls

of POPPYS house

and translators

 Below you will see pictures of Belen. This is

one of the most poverty stricken sections of

Iquitos. The lower part of Belen floods every

year when the Amazon River rises. This

brings a years worth of open sewage into

the ground level of all the houses and

business. Hence~ Massive health problems!







Fear Factor Peruvian style.

It's a bigggg grub worm! YUM




This is a community awareness poster

encouraging people to throw away garbage

"The right way"


As you can see the cost of the poster

was tax dollars well spent


A local "Pharmacy"




This house belongs to POPP. We rent rooms

to families that need short term housing or

in some cases we let people live for free if

they need a little "leg up"




Students inside a home in a community

assessment exercise. This place is pretty

upscale compared to the other homes in this


People of Peru Projects new Medical/Dental



One of the more popular places to leave

your water bottle


The "Pill Party" Pre-packaging doses

helps expedite the clinic process

 People of Peru Project Medical Dental Clinic

This is the first day we have used our new

building. WSU is the first group to do a

medical clinic in the finished structure


The lady closest to the flip chart is a local

obstetrician doing an educational component

with the women while they wait in line.


This is Elvira. She is our obstetrics student in the

local university. She is assisting with the women's

issues today


Leovina, POPP's child psychology major

and longest term translator,

(second from left)

strikes a pose with her

nursing team








There is always time to share a photo

with a child



Throat? Chest? Nose? Where is the problem?














The tours and activities in the various medical

and educational facilities included a school for

special kids


This is Santo Tomas the home of POPPYS house


 The students did an evening with the

POPPYS house girls doing some Pampering


The pampering included manicures, pedicures

and massages!




During the time at POPPYS house the

students did some development testing on

the younger children



Of course they ended the evening with




Iquitos Hospital



We had a great day at the local mental health center


 some of the residence sang for us






Chicha, the non-alcoholic version of the local corn drink




This is Brian, Mr. Opp's God-son