Welcome Washington State University

Intercollegiate School of Nursing and Friends

They're here! After a short delay, WSU arrived at the Iquitos Airport and loaded straight onto our "new" bus without a hitch. 
It's a short, five minute ride to the headquarters building and this is repeat trip for the three faculty who have been here previously.  "Hola's"  and smiles filled the Headquarters as old and new friends met.  
  The group members find their rooms, move in and get settled.

 Below, the group heads into town  to check out the local market.
  The number of volunteers that become vegetarian is amazing!  
  A few brave souls ate the worm! Fear Factor Peruvian style.
Carlos explains more of the herbal medicine and folklore.
  Students start their first official task of doing a community assessment, which includes finding out what is and isn't available for the residence or what may be out of reach due to their economic situation.  
    Here students stop the interview for a family photo.
   Triage at one of the medical clinics....over a hundred people lined up outside the door waiting for their turn.
 The pharmacy table was preparing for the after-lunch rush.  
 Kristen and Lisa, nurse/administrators for the project, wait at a treatment station for another patient.
 WSU goes to the Zoo!
  You thought your rats were big!
 Elle goes from "freaked out" to Fashion in just a few short minutes!
 Another snake charmer
   Heads or tails! Who gets what?
 The students are prepping the medicines for another clinic day

Carlos explains to Director Carol Allen and two students about the symptoms of this elderly gentleman

These are the weights and measurements guys!  

 Now it's off to the jungle for some nature time and a medical clinic, complete with

 health education for the people of the San Jose Village


It is hard to look this good in the jungle but...




Below the group gets ready for bird and monkey watching 


 Carlos and Italo provide the paddle power for this group of students. Fishing, bird and monkey watching or crossing the river to the village can all be a challenge in a dugout canoe


Tromping through the hot, humid, animal-filled jungle will not stop these aggressive outdoor persons   

Now the nurses do health assesments on some of the villagers.



Below you see one of the education groups teaching kids some important information that will benefit the whole family 

 It is story time in the jungle with Marcos  

  Above you see the WSU group touring POPPYs house and interacting with the girls and their babies while doing the Denver Development tests. 
  The group visited the mental health hospital. The residents were so happy and appreciative for the diversion from their boring schedules. 
  A tour of the Institute of Natural Medicine was a real eye opener as to what really is available in the jungle. 
The WSU group visits the Sergento Lores Hospital. This is the private clinic that POPP is partnering with for the advancment of impoverished people in this region.