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 Amazing trip with amazing people~Jesse Scherlacher

I reminisce about Peru all the time. Best week of my life!!!

Grace Egan 

Randomly reminiscing our trip to peru a few years ago... what a blessing to have the opportunity to serve there.... hope to return one day! looking at pics and praying for People of Peru Project... never forget!!!!  Olivia Weyant

Working with People of Peru Project has been amazing! I have been able to see the great needs that many people have here and I witnessed many needs being met through this organization. I am so glad that I was able to take part in filling some of those needs. It is so rewarding and I feel so blessed and will never forget the loving and gracious people here! Gina~OIT  Klamath Falls OR

I had such a great time here In Iquitos. The people are so friendsly and welcoming and I ahve had a great experience while provididng dental hygiende services to many children and adults. I will certainly never forget the memories that I made or the friiends that I have gained.  Cherish Sweeden   Klameth Falls Oregon.  Oregon Institute of Technology

Being in Iquitos the second time has been such an amazing and rewarding experience. I learned so much working with the Iquitos dental students and made wonderful freinds as well! I will be coming back again soon.

Janae Kreiter,   Spokane, WA

I have traveled to many countries and I have never experienced a more appreciative, friendly and generous culture. I will cherish the memories of the time I spent here, in my heart forever...

Bobbi Hager Klamath Falls OR     OIT

The time that I have been fortunate to spend in Iquitos has been both an education and a rewarding experience. I have never been amongst so many smiling faces. I look forward to coming back to Peru to learn more about the culture and enjoy the open arms that will welcome me.

Lee Penick K-Falls, OR Oregon Institute of Technology

Thanks for all you do. I had a great time in peru. You inspire me to do all I can for others!
~Heather Eskew




            As our first trip after arriving to Peru, we spent the afternoon touring Belen.  I can honestly say that this was the most life-changing experience I have ever had. 

            I came to Iquitos because I wanted to make a difference in the lives of poor families; I felt like I could make a big impact because I speak Spanish.  Little did I know that the biggest impact would be on me.

            Seeing the immense poverty made me think of my life and everything I have been taking for granted.  I had seen commercials on TV showing young children living in some of the most desperate situations imaginable, however seeing it in real life and on a much larger scale is truly an experience I cannot adequately express in words.  In my mind, it had almost seemed like a vicious cycle that was impossible to change.  However, seeing the People of Peru Project and the positive impact they are having gives me hope for the future of this community and its precious children.

            Working with People of Peru Project and sharing their mission of peace and healing has renewed my belief that it IS POSSIBLE to make a positive difference in the world and has further strengthened my desire to pursue a career as an international nurse, only now my focus has grown to include missionary nursing as well.

 Alissa Watts




Hi Sandi -
Thank you SO much for the travel arrangements you made for me in order that I could join my granddaughter (Kayla) in Peru.  Everything was perfect. Paul was wonderful! He saved the day for me!  He definitely "kept things together" for all of us.
Again, many thanks to you and Paul for making this trip one I shall not forget for a long, long time.  It was a wonderful experience.
Kay Johnson



Thank you so much for everything. It was one of the best experiences of my life. I managed to keep it together while I was saying goodbye to everyone but I cried like a baby on the plane. I fell in live with all of the girls and kids and the staff was amazing. I loved every moment of it. Thank you for everything. I could see God working through your organization and I will keep all of you in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you! I had an amazing experience.
Love, Sasha



When sad eyes are bigger then the amount of food they ate today, their smile shining, but poverty dims the brightness, when dirt is a seasoning on all their food, and sweat is a weather, you know the world is a sad place. You realize just how blessed we truly are. When you see their daily life and the way they cope with hardships it´s inspiring . I think when I get home I´ll be more appreciative of all we have and I´ll never forget the amazing people of Peru.

JaLynn Berglund-Gem State Academy


 As we were leaving the plaza in down town Iquitos, after we finished feeding 26 hungry kids, they started hugging us. So I hugged them, told them to remember to wash their hands and that Jesus loves them and so do I. I love these children. They are the reason I am here, and alive on this Earth. Praise God!


Jessie Michel-Walla Walla University - GSA Group


 Today I made a friend. He´s four years old, has no home and only a mom. Today I made a friend. He had a smile and a happy heart, with no worries, but the empty stomach the sent pains through his body. Today I made a friend. He was strong beyond his years and somehow still hugged with the purest love, and smiled with the brightest smile. Today I made a friend, but tomorrow that friend will go hungry as I’m thousands of miles away. Today I made a friend, but tomorrow God..... well, he'll be right there with my friend.

 Josh Hesterm - GSA group


Here in Peru the mosquitoes really love me. Other than that I have enjoyed getting to know people. The Translators have been a really big help in figuring out what some of the little kids or adults are saying. The people are so nice, and they have so little here, it makes me thankful for what I have in the US.


Gabrielle Pahler-Gem State Academy


This is my first time in Peru, and I love it here! The people are so inviting and friendly. I came this time because I believe God wanted me to. The next time I try to come, it will be because of God AND the people.

Elizabeth Nelson-Gem State Adventist Academy 


Wanted to write you a quick note to say again thank you for your work in Iquitos.  I saw that every one of our kids was able to see beyond themselves and into the lives of the children they interacted with on the streets and in the schools.


I believe I'd be safe in saying that we all really enjoyed the opportunities that we had while in Peru. We hopefully will not reconstruct those walls that keep us from the day to day attitude of a humble servant. We are extremely thankful and grateful for the chances we had to serve.

Blessings to you as you go forward --- hosting more groups, dealing with the politics, living day to day under the Light.

-Jeremy- Walla Wall Valley Academy

I loved it! I have never seen a culture that is more loving.  I enjoyed helping the dentist and playing with the kids.

The partnership between Oregon Institute of Technology Dental Hygiene and People of Peru Project, working in association with Iquitos Dental College, was a huge success. Both sides learned from each other and made some great friendships.  Viki Points, Professor OIT

What great people in a great culture to come and help. I have experienced something that I will never forget. Smiles here are abundant and I will be taking them home with me.  Sierra Vanover, Fall River Mills, CA

I didn't know what to expect before coming here. Everything I experienced went above and beyond my expectations. I met amazing people that helped to create memories that I will never forget.
Ashley Kiek OIT


I had a gerat time here in Iquitos, I don't want to leave. I met some amazing people, and made lifelong friends.  Nadine Arkens  Oregon Institute of Technology.




I just want to thank you so much for all the work you put into the Waterman team excursion to Cusco and Lake Titicaca.  We had a terrific time.  Everyone you had picked to help us was very nice, and very efficient.  We loved the hotel in Cusco.

The guides were very knowledgeable, and were really excited about their people and culture. 
Again, thank you for all your help in planning our trip. You did a great job.
Pia Soule Mission coordinator
Florida Hospital Waterman

 Hello to all,

Thank you so much for the great experience we had over the past 2 weeks at People of Peru Project. 
Thanks again for making this such a good experience.
Look forward to returning in July.
 Dianne - TN

We are so grateful for the opportunity to come and serve here in Peru. I’ve never been on a mission trip that worked out so well. People of Peru Project are great and they really make sure that your group is cared for and has the best trip possible.  As a group leader, I appreciate so much the opportunities my students have had to connect with the people. I hope and pray that they are finding a passion for mission ministry, but also that they are growing spiritually. We are definitely going to be reluctant to leave, even our rain-soaked tents, bug bites and the noisy parrots that wake us up each morning. Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip possible. God bless.
Jason Mustard, Dir. Marketing & Recruitment at MBA
 Peru is AMAZING! The people here are the nicest and happiest people you’ll ever meet, especially the kids! I’m going to be so sad to have to leave them! You come here to help a culture in need, yet you leave getting so much out of it yourself! I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!

Hello! This is Sarah, I was with the Madison Academy group that came to help last week and I feel like this work is my calling. I still feel the need so badly to be there and to help ! Tell everyone I said hola, te extrano mucho!! I had so much fun with everyone, especially Jimmy and the other translators, they are all such a joy to be around. I have fallen in love with Iquitos. I'm back now and it feels so strange to be in my house, and having things that I really don't need. Doing the Mission Trip really opened my eyes. Thank you so much! If there is anything I can do, please let me know!
-Sarah Purcell --TN

This trip, so far, has been super awesome! I have learned so much in the short amount of time we’ve been here. Not to mention, I am brushing up on my Spanish. The people here are amazingly sweet.  When I decided to come on this trip, I had all these cool things I thought I could teach them but when I got here, they taught me more things than I could ever learn anywhere else. I am so glad and blessed that I came on this trip and I hope I have been a blessing in these people and these kids life as they have been in mine.I have been having a blast here in Peru. The people are so warm and welcoming to us. Everything that we do here is beneficial. I really feel like I am helping people while forming friendships. The Vacation Bible School programs have really helped us form connections with the kids. The kids here are so lively and fun to hang out with. The language barrier was a little intimidating at first, but now after 5 days I am comfortable with at least attempting to speak Spanish. The cooks here at our home-stead are superheroes. Their food is healthy and delicious. I really love the experience I have been having here in Peru.  The spontaneous rain showers are so refreshing too!

Selena Diaz


My trip to beautiful Peru has been amazing. I have fallen in love with the people, the culture, and the platanos fritas. Every moment here has been tons of fun. From working to spending time in the city to hanging out with the children, all of this experience has been unforgettable. I’ll cherish the memories we’ve created here.


Hillary Rollins




Dear Paul,

Katrina and I would like to thank you for your hospitality. Our experience here has certainly been enriched by your kindness and willingness to spend time with us during what was a busy day for you. We feel that your efforts have resulted in an exceptional organization, and we hope that you will consider this high praise - not simply lip service - in light of our significant experience with development around the world. To say the least, we have been a bit inspired by your success.
Dave and Katrina Berg, CO


The time I was in Peru change my life quite a bit, the people I saw in poor conditions really touch my heart and I'm willing to go back just to help them. I had a great time helping people even though we had limited time and I wish I could go back soon. This is a great life experience!Joel--Glendale, CA

 The trip to Peru was a life touching experience for me, I met so many people in need. I had a great time making animal balloons for the kids and assisting the Dentist.  I hope that you step out in faith and take a journey that you can not pre-imagine. You will be amazed how God will provide and yes, he will provide the money for you to go. All he needs is for you to say I am ready.


Sondra George--St. Maries, ID 

For more than fifty years I have enjoyed a ministry of service here in the United States but I could never have imagined the need, opportunities or reward of laboring in a developing country.  It was after my retirement and the involvement with the project in Iquitos, Peru, that opened my eyes and my heart to new and challenging possibilities. It has been a wonderful privilege to work with and for these gentle and deserving people. There can be no greater joy than helping others who are unable to help themselves.  I recommend this type of service to anyone who wants an exciting and rewarding experience.  LaVern Opp - Nampa, Idaho 

It made me realize how truly greedy and ungrateful I really am. The kids touched my heart.

Jeff Rogers--Dayton, OH

This was a truly unique trip. This trip taught me the importance of  "being present" before doing something. Overall Score.... an 11 out of 10. It was a wonderful trip. I hope to return some time. If not you will still have a strong advocate state side for People of Peru Project.
Pastor Eric---Boise, ID

Thanks for the great life experience.
Anne---Denver, CO

Thank you. This was an experience of a life time!
Julie Houston---St. Marie's, Idaho

The time I have spent here has truly been the best in my life. My life has been changed. Thanks for giving your life to this project. 
Christina--Isaquah. WA

What an incredible trip in so many ways. We enjoyed spending time with you and your family. We will be back!
Steve, Kim, Andrew, Madiline & Emily---Denver, CO

Fantastic Experience!
Alex and Kitty

The impact of my experiences in Peru have been huge. They were big enough for me to return two more times after my initial trip. Many people touched my life during all of my trips. Old friends and new friends alike showed me that family, friends and God are the most important things in life.
Thank you!

Melissa Falconer
Cheney, WA

This trip to Peru was my first and it was amazing. I am definitely changed in ways that are difficult to put into a few words. My view of the world has broadened and my empathy for people has grown. I feel blessed on many levels in my life and I was honored to be able to give something back.This will not be my last trip...I promise you that!
Amy Slusher   RN

As an anesthesiologist ,I have given time and expertise in countries
such  as New Guinea, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Santa Dominica, Nigeria and other places. I always come away feeling satisfied that we have impacted positively for the long term not only the patient, but their families and villages. Many of the patients were obviously difficult surgeries and were
not able to pay for their care and maybe not get the type of care we provided.
Over all it was a gratifying experience.  Dr. J

The Peru trip was a truly eye opening experience for me, someone who had never done anything like this before.  It really made me see how blessed we are.  It was a wonderful experience getting to contribute to the big impact that we had on peoples lives. Meeting many dedicated neat people and making new friends was another added benefit.
L. Elenburg

I had a wonderful experience with the Kettering team and appreciated the help of  the translators from People of Peru Project.   My first Medical Mission trip and felt like I truly made a difference.  I am looking forward to going again.  Thanks Paul for  helping me learn about the people and the mission.     Shirley Williams   Gentry, Arkansas

I loved it! I have never seen a culture that is more loving.  I enjoyed helping the dentist and playing with the kids.
Michelle--Boise, ID


Just a note to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Peru.  The trip was very moving to me.  I am planning for another trip next September with the people that I work with at the hospital.  Looking forward to working with you again. 

Victoria Sattler~ Spokane, WA